Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunday slideshow (on Saturday) & publishing update

 Yes, it's Saturday.  Sunday is the day I feature my photos from the week, but this week is going to be crazy, so I'm doing it now.  I've been receiving some great feedback about my photos - I'm pleased that you like them.

My usual daily publication schedule will be interrupted this week and I'm not sure when I'll be able to publish.  I'll be back in business next Saturday, 8 September.  

In the meantime, if you need a fix, why not trawl through the archive and read some of my older stuff?  Or click on the suggestions at the end of each post and see where you end up.  There's also my "What I've made" and "What I'm reading" pages to explore.  You might even find something to inspire you.
And don't forget the GIVEAWAY of five packs of gratitude cards from the The Gratitude Card Project. Just leave a comment over on the Question Time post telling us who you would like to thank.  I love reading all your comments.

And now, here's this week's slideshow:

Vintage cigarette advertising
(c) divacultura 2012

An interesting instruction
(c) divacultura 2012

Outdoor tables at Kinfolk Cafe, Bourke Street, Melbourne
(c) divacultura 2012

Classic inner city.  The cream Vesper looks great against the dark green wall.
(c) divacultura 2012

The ceiling of the aptly named Cathedral Arcade in Melbourne.
(c) divacultura 2012

Abstract: Looking through the tram window.
(c) divacultura 2012
Looking down Collins Street.  Melbourne Town Hall on the right.
(c) divacultura 2012
Elizabeth Street.  I often look up at this building.  Can you see the table and chairs and plants?
(c) divacultura 2012


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    1. Why thank you! All taken on an iphone too. Am thinking of getting "proper" camera soon.