Friday, 31 August 2012

My favourite things - this week

1.  My new piano! I bought it last Sunday and it was delivered this morning and I've already given it a thorough workout.  Playing music has always been my way of relaxing and expressing myself.  I also find the way music exercises both the left and right brain amazing.  It's not the best piano on the market, but it's the one that was affordable and would fit in my home.  I've never owned a digital piano before - it feels just like the real thing and I can plug in headphones or turn the volume down if I want to play at unsociable hours.

2. The ability to download and print music online for a fraction of the price of buying a book in a shop is magic.  When I owned a piano over twelve years ago, this capacity didn't exist.  Now, I can even choose what key I want the piece in!  Marvellous.

3. Bach and Phillip Glass.  Two of my favourite composers.  I like the repetition and steadiness of the music.  Glass is always like that.  Bach isn't.  I've dug out my book of Bach's two part inventions and have enjoyed reacquainting myself. I enjoy the symmetry of these pieces and the way both hands contribute equally to the musical conversation.

4. Melbourne!  The days are getting longer.  The weather is more erratic.  The people are still fantastic and there are lots of hidden places filled with people doing interesting things.

5. The Gratitude Card Project!  It felt really great to give my first card to the shop assistant who helped me when I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday.  It seemed like the perfect pair would never be found.  One pair was too tight here, and too baggy there.  The next pair would be too baggy here and too tight there.  The next would require me to have legs as long as stilts and not care how I looked.  The woman serving me tirelessly and happily brought me different sizes, shapes and colours until the perfect pair was found.  When I first gave her the card she looked a bit suspicious, but then her face was illuminated with a wide smile.  I felt good.

Don't forget you could be one of five lucky readers to get your very own pack of 10 gratitude cards.  All you have to do is leave a comment over at yesterday's Question Time telling us who you would like to say thank you to.  By next Friday please!   Open to all readers, wherever you live.  I really enjoy reading your comments.

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