Monday, 24 September 2012

Ripples of gratitude

Since becoming an ambassador for the Gratitude Card Project, I've been enjoying starting little ripples of joy in the world.

Buying jeans and swimsuits can be sole destroying and frustrating exercises.  I encountered the most wonderful shop assistant who tirelessly brought me every combination of size, style and colour before I found the perfect pair.  It was my first experience of giving a gratitude card and she initially looked a bit suspicious, but I was soon rewarded with a wide, direct smile.  Thank you!

When I was recently working at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup over in Western Australia, I walked into the Italian cafe on campus for some lunch.  Rob, the proprietor, greeted me and my colleague as though we were entering his home.  He was proud of his business and interested in us as people.  (Interest in other people is such an appealing quality!)  His home made focaccia was delicious and so was the coffee.  When we went back the next day, he remembered us and gave us the same greeting.  I thanked him for his hospitality with a gratitude card.  He seemed humbled and chuffed!  Thank you Rob!

My colleague was within ear shot and asked me what had just happened.  I had planned on giving a card to Brett at the end of our week away.  He started to jokingly agitate, asking when he was going to be shown some gratitude?  It made me laugh and laughter is definitely something to be grateful for.  I presented him with a card over dinner in Adelaide, later in the week.  He was genuinely thrilled.  (I gave him another one last week at the very end of our time working together.)  Thank you Brett!

Sue at the University of South Australia also received a card for her happy and helpful support of our work while we were there.  Sue also received a special mention for introducing us to a terrific little Asia corner to have lunch in Adelaide.  As Brett and I were leaving I handed her a gratitude card. Thank you Sue!

A couple of weeks ago I had dinner with my friend Karyn.  It had been a while since we'd seen each other and I had had to cancel plans a couple of times.  Karyn had persisted in making contact despite my occasional lack of communication.  It was so good to see her.  Sitting on the couch in her new home I thanked her for being my friend and gave her a gratitude card.  Thank you Karyn!

Yesterday I stopped by Kit Cosmetics to buy some lipstick.  An hour later Caitlin had worked her magic and given me a make over.  She was lovely and friendly and enjoyed her work.  She gave me a new look which I enjoyed discovering.  She did a great job on my eyebrows, which was a revelation!  After I paid for my purchase, I thanked her for a very enjoyable hour.  Thank you Caitlin!

I think Jenny Peers has done a wonderful thing in creating the Gratitude Card Project.  Thank you Jenny!  I'm pleased to be an ambassador.  Showing gratitude to people for ordinary little considerations makes you feel good!

Who can you thank today?

You can get your very own set of gratitude cards from here.

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