Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Adelaide afternoon - wandering around the city

It's kind of okay to be in Adelaide this time. I'm not feeling edgy. That's what I associate with Adelaide: nerves pulled taut to the point of edginess.  It's good not to be feeling like that. Maybe I've been unfair on Adelaide.
After a very bumpy descent I was very happy to be on the ground. I'd seen all the red arrows on the weather map so knew the wind would be wild. It still doesn't really prepare you for the reality of being thrown around for the last fifteen minutes of a flight.
I'm in a gorgeous hotel (no lumpy pillows or surprises under the pillows here).  There are no signs at every turn warning of the danger lurking in every corner of the room and there is free wi-fi and broadband.  Very good. I've been able to download some new music and am currently listening to an album by Piano Circus, a friend's recommendation. It's music for multiple pianos and he is right about the piece "Whichever way your nose bends" being 'painfully beautiful'.  I love the whimsy of the name as well as the sparse atmospheric feel, hypnotic in its simplicity.
Despite the wild and windy weather I was able to go for a walk without being caught in the rain. The Rundle Mall goes forever and has a few lovely arcades which lure for a detour. I found an incredible button shop in one of these. It provided sensory overload and must have contained thousands of buttons. It also had  ribbons and threads and a small selection of gorgeous knitting yarns adding to the colour feast.
Half way down the mall I came across some pigs. One of them was snuffling in the rubbish bin and three others were waiting to be admired. (I have some photos to share, but am still getting the hang of loading them into blogposts when I'm writing on my tablet. I don't understand why it should be complicated.) The pigs made me smile.  (ETA: photos are now posted here)
Tonight I'm going to enjoy some alone time. My colleague is meeting a friend so I'm not going to fight the wild weather; I'm going to dine in my room, taking advantage of the gorgeous looking menu of the hotel's restaurant. I figure if I'm in a fabulous hotel that has a deep bath with a view of the television I may as well enjoy it.

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