Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On the roads.

Over the last two days, I've done a lot of  driving to work with a client in regional Victoria.  I quite like driving on the highway.  It gives me time to think and I enjoy listening to the radio.

I was driving a lipstick pink hire car this time.  Today I was dressed in a pink shirt (I packed before I picked up the hire car).  I felt ridiculously matched.  People were looking at me in my lipstick pink car.  It was very girly and initially I didn't like it.  Then I got used to it and I quite like the colour now.

It goes back tomorrow.

When I picked it up, I waited in a line for twenty minutes.  A large group of tourists were hiring several cars.  Their English speaking skills were limited.  It took a long time.  I signed my paperwork, paid and was gone within five minutes.

While driving I was treated to a double rainbow.

Some of the things I thought about:

  • I started to map out when I will take a holiday.  Working freelance means that it can be easy to forget to plan a break - especially in the first year.  I've discovered that I needed to understand the rhythms of demand and accept that.  I know that January is dead, so I've decided to schedule time and I have already started telling clients that I am unavailable during this time.
  • I marvelled at the impatience and recklessness of many drivers.  I worried for one driver who looked like they may have been falling asleep.
  • Why couldn't I open my ereader this morning?  I'm deeply into "Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen and enjoying it immensely.  I read it over dinner as I dined on my own at the hotel restaurant last night.  I read it before I went to sleep last night.  I took it to breakfast, but could not get the book to open.  Very frustrating and one of the drawbacks of digital - this would never happen with a real book!
  • I worry for the missing Melbourne woman Jill Meagher.  Listening to ABC radio (where she works) meant I heard a lot.  I hope she's all right.  I can't imagine how her loved ones must be feeling.
  • I appreciated the landscape, bathed in gorgeous pink light as the sun set.  
  • I cursed the sun as I drove right into its light.
  • I pondered the validity of dead gangland boss Carl Williams' family launching a civil damages suit against the state for negligence (he turned police informant and was murdered while in maximum security).  I didn't reach a conclusion, but it's an interesting question.
  • I spent time thinking about the changes I had seen in the group I've been working with.  One woman was so much more engaged, she was like a different person.  Another man who had been hard to convince, thawed and acknowledged to me (in front of the group) when I handed him an intellectual "diamond".  Another woman was so angry at everyone and everything, I wondered what her life is like.
And so it goes.

Even though the beds at the hotel I stayed in last night are the most comfortable beds in the world, I will be very glad to sleep in my own again tonight.

What have you been thinking about today?


  1. first, I have been thinking that it is unfortunate that your commenting system does not work on the Safari browser (I had to swap to chrome).

    Second, I was think how unsafe it is to take photos of rainbows while driving.


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts James. Sorry about Safari - I've noticed that I can no longer do stuff on my iphone...blogger is owned by Google and they're obviously making some changes. I'll add it to my list of reasons to move over to Wordpress.
    Taking photos of rainbows can be quite unsafe. I literally just waved the camera in the direction to see what would happen. I was pleased to take a usable photo that looks even better after I've put it through Instagram.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Before you take back the car take a pic of it!