Friday, 14 September 2012

My favourite things - this week

1.  Being at home for a few nights has been excellent.  I do love to travel, but I also like to be at home where I can play my piano. Melbourne is wonderful - especially the random hail storms and winter temperatures yesterday.

2.  Spur of the moment meetings with friends.  Coffee with one, lunch with another, dinner with another.  All organised at the last minute, on a whim, where I thought I'd just put the feelers out.  The feelers were felt!

Tim Rogers - "let me be the gristle in your tenderloin"
(c) divacultura 2012
3.  Watching radio being broadcast.  I was part of a very small audience to the final hour of Raphael Epstein's show on ABC 774 Radio this afternoon.  I had to run to catch a tram and then run all the way to the ABC cafeteria to be there on time.  Also in the studio was musician Tim Rogers, football tragic and commentator, Francis Leach and movie buff Josh Nelson from film blog, Philmology.  It was a mixture of end of season footy party, with some art, refinement and good natured ribbing included.  It was a great way to finish an intense day working as a simulated patient for post graduate paramedic students.  I heckled Tim Rogers, but it's out of love.  How's this for a lyric:  "Let me be the gristle in your tenderloin".  Love it.

Fabulous Dame Edna frocks.
Check out the parrot epaulettes on the frock (left)
(c) divacultura 2012
4.  Conversations with random strangers.  My friend and I wandered into the Arts Centre on the way to Flinders Street Station following our hour with the ABC.  We found a display of dresses worn by Dame Edna Everage and Kyle Minogue.  While we were sitting and talking, a man came and asked if my friend would take some photos of him in front of the dresses.  My friend threw herself into the task, directing him to look up, tilt his chin, look majestic and kingly.  It was hilarious to watch him happily and obediently comply.  He then turned into a boring man who talked about his life in the welfare sector, but there was a flash of something fun there.

5.  The view of the city at night from the Arts Centre side of the bridge over to Flinders Street.  The sky was very dramatic tonight and the milder air made it easy to enjoy.

Melbourne at night across the Yarra River
(c) divacultura 2012

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