What I'm watching.

19 August 2011
"Downton Abbey" - watched the final episode in the series today and feel unready to leave the characters behind.  I loved the film "Gosford Park", also written by Julian Fellowes and enjoyed spending a longer period following the lives of those upstairs and down when the world is on the brink of change - women's suffrage and rights, socialism, servants starting to think and act like people. As a colleague said the other day, Maggie Smith can turn a ten word sentence into a three act comedy.  She has some great lines, delivers them wonderfully.  And the music is gorgeous.

15 August 2011
Working my way through the entire "Seinfeld" box set - that is every episode and lots of extras.

The humour is still fresh and original.  George Costanza was fully formed as a character right from the beginning of the pilot.
What has dated is the clothes and hair!  It's not that long ago and I probably wore my hair exactly like Elaine does.  I hope no one thinks I still do.


  1. Downton Abbey is back on in the UK. It has jumed forward to 1916, with WWI in full swing.

  2. Apparently it will be released here on DVD in November. Can't wait!