Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm back - round the traps

Apologies for the late return. I was just plain exhausted after the all the interstate travel and work and didn't turn my computer on all weekend.  It actually felt really good to stay analogue for the weekend!  It was great to be home before leaving again on Monday for an overnight stay.  Back in business now.

My weekend was low key, but very enjoyable considering the weather was gorgeous.  Everywhere I went last week, horrible, windy, wet weather followed.  Seeing the sun was an added bonus.

Choir rehearsal was on Saturday morning.  I had to cater morning tea.  There was no time to cook, so it's lucky that I'm an excellent shopper and the spread was a hit.  I finished knitting a pair of socks for Dad while watching "Battleship" on Blu-Ray.  Thankfully it's a good movie to knit to, although Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard both commanded my full attention whenever they were on screen.  I used my pass to see "The Sapphires" - thanks Hopscotch Films!  I really enjoyed it and loved the music.  It's good to see Aboriginal stories and faces in mainstream cinema.

On Monday I renewed my ambulance membership.  It had lapsed and I just hadn't got around to fixing it.  I was starting to feel ashamed every time I stood up in front of a room of paramedics students - a daily occurrence these days.  In Victoria they offer "set and forget" renewal.  It sounds great, except you have to ring them anyway to get a receipt!  This seems incredible to me.  I use the receipt to claim the cost back on my health insurance.  Surely I'm not the only person in the world who needs a receipt?  With email and automatic payment, surely a receipt could be generated and emailed at less cost than staffing the call centres to take the calls.

The other things I learnt is that the membership isn't valid until 5pm the day after it's been paid for.  I asked why and was informed that it is to deal with people who join the ambulance today, with the intention of using an ambulance and then cancelling their membership the next day!  Good grief!  they would be the same dirt bags who broke the brand new gates at my apartment block.  (They were reinstalled on Monday and were still intact when I arrived home last night.  So far so good!)

And I've been receiving compliments about my hair all day.  Thanks to Damien, my colourist, who has excelled himself and mixed a red with some rockstar zing.  It's a custom mix, but names like "red corvette", "chilli" and "candy" were mentioned.

On Monday night, I was in a hotel with a pillow menu (lumpy wasn't an option), an ipod dock and a window to allow television watching from the bath.

Back home now where I do have an ipod dock.  Have a good week!