Friday, 3 August 2012

My favourite things - this week

1. The idea of the Olympics is a favourite thing this week.  I wrote about it and the spirit of Olympism here.  The idea of the Olympics is much more inspiring than the reality of Channel 9's free to air coverage (see what the Lazy Civil Servant had to say about it) and the twisted notion of winning and losing.  Having said that, I was completely absorbed in the women's K9 at midnight last night.  Who knew it could be so interesting, so technical and that Eddy is more than just a boy's name.  Naturally I'm now an expert on everything to do with kayaking.  Goodness knows what my area of expertise will be tonight.

2. Winter sunshine is a great invention.  This week in Melbourne has been spectacular.  We've had very cold mornings - luckily, I avoided most of them - followed by clear blue skies and sunshine.  I love to feel the cold winter air on my face, perhaps even see my breath, and then look up to see a glorious, sunny day.  I even went out with my heavy winter coat today!

3. Free movie tickets!  I've been to the movies twice this week and haven't paid a cent!  On Monday night I was a guest of ABC 774 (our local radio) to see "Beasts of the Southern Wild" which is screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival.  It was a magical film with an incredible performance by the 8 year old girl in the central role, Quvenzhane Wallis.  The second outing was this afternoon to see "Hysteria" courtesy of Hopscotch Films.  They were kind enough to give me a double pass for my own use, as well as the three that I gave away here recently.  Free movie tickets rock!

4. My electric blanket is something I've only recently come to appreciate.  In the absence of central heating, it's excellent.  I don't have to roll around in bed for half an hour to warm up the bed before I can go to sleep.  I turn it on about half an hour before bedtime and turn it off when I get in.  My goose down doona does the rest, keeping the warmth in the bed.

5. This photo!

Flinders Street Station subway.
(c) divacultura 2012
If you can spit on the ceiling then you're fantastic and we're going to turn you into an Olympic champion!

What were your favourite things this week?  Anything to share?

As I contemplate renewing my commitment to divacultura for another year, I feel excitement and affection.  Thank you for sharing some of your time with me. As a thank you gift - and so I can gain a better sense of who's out there - I'll be giving away a pair of my hand knitted socks to two very lucky readers, where ever you are in the world (ie two readers will receive a pair of socks each).  To be in the running, leave a comment on this post by Friday 17 August 2012, stating why you like reading divacultura. My favourite responses will receive the prize (my decision is final).  Why not take the opportunity to sign up and follow too! 


  1. The winter sunshine has been very pleasant indeed. So welcome! I've been feeling the cold!

    1. August is full of hope that spring is around the corner. Then you're deep into October and still wearing an overcoat. Crazy!

  2. I'm going to be just a wee bit PRO SOUTH AFRICA right now and say one of my favourite things (without having realised how lucky I am) is that we have 4 dedicated channels for the Olympics with them available in HD too. Whatever we cannot see live is broadcast delayed through the night (we're on a closer timeline to the UK than you guys) so we can record what we can't watch. And I have previously complained about our poor sports coverage ... go figure!

  3. why i like reading Diva.... ? I love hearing about your jobs, your street, Melbourne in general really. And you inspired me to knit! (just don't ask for a progress report...)

  4. How's your knitting going? Cruel I know.