Tuesday, 28 August 2012

To pair or not to pare pears.

A pair of pears, ready for paring.

They're gathering their pears.
When they have enough pears they'll pair them.
There will be pairs of pears ready to be pared.
It's hard to know if any can be spared.
The paring of paired pears requires skill and patience.
Pears can only be pared in pairs; that is, only paired pairs can be pared.
Paired pears will be pared.
I don't think there will be spare pears - unless there are seven.
If there are seven pears, they will have three pairs and a spare pear.
If they find one more pear, they will have eight pears which makes four pairs.
That is four pairs of pears which have been paired for paring.

So there.

How does anyone learn English?

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