Friday, 17 August 2012

My favourite things - this week.

(c) divacultura 2012
1. My delivery of yarn, all the way from Germany is top of my list - I just picked it up from the post office.  Check out these amazing colours! They are Wollmeise and quite hard to get.  I'm quite taken with orange at the moment.  This is a new thing and when I saw "Clementine" on offer, I snapped it up.  It will vibrate really well with a vibrant fuschia I have in my stash.

2. My phone has been running hot this week!  All the connections I've been making are waking up and the work is flowing in.  Some people call it luck.  I call it being curious and strategic.  Many of my best opportunities have arisen because I asked the right question and have discovered something even better just waiting to be uncovered.  People love to talk about themselves and what they are doing.  We generally love anyone who shows an interest in these things, so why not be one of the people in the world who does this?  You never know what you will discover.

3.   The Whiffenpoofs!  The Whiffen-what's? The Whiffenpoofs are fourteen Yale men in their senior year who form this very special a capella vocal group. You may have seen them in Season 4, Episode 11of The West Wing.  I was fortunate to catch them at St Michael's Uniting Church in Collins Street on Tuesday night for a mere $20.

The Whiffenpoofs - it's a bit wobbly - I had to lean around a pole and not use any flash.
But I think they look very dashing, right down to their white gloves.
(c) divacultura 2012
This group provided the perfect mix of spine tingling harmonies and high-spirited banter to keep the program moving along.

I almost didn't go.  I'd been up since 5:30am that morning and had facilitated three workshops during the day.  As I travelled back into the city on the train, the rain fell down and I felt  like just going home.  When I arrived at Flinders Street station, I discovered when I stepped off the train, that I only had to step right back on and I'd be on my way home.  I kept walking, thinking that I'd buy an umbrella at the pharmacy upstairs.  If they weren't open I'd go home.  They were open and I added a lovely red, frilly umbrella to my collection.  (My friends mocked my "parasol" mercilessly.)  The prospect of a glass of red wine and a quick Italian meal with some new friends kept me going.  I'm so glad I went.  Their second encore summoned the tears - "I'll be Seeing You".  It never fails!

4.  I recently discovered Striking Truths and their Daily Manifesto.  Have you?  This week, Make Room for Bravery really struck a chord.  You can have your daily manifesto sent direct to you in box.  It takes 30 seconds to read and is often provocative.  The idea of making room for bravery spoke directly to me!

5.  The trouble I've had travelling all over Melbourne on Metro Trains could have made me very unhappy if it wasn't for the wonderful follow up with Andre in Customer Service.  Several trains were cancelled, drivers were confused, connections were missed, colleagues were left waiting, it was raining and I literally walked into a workshop I was facilitating with two minutes to spare.  I had a very informative conversation and gained some new insight into various aspects of our train system.  It didn't change the inconvenience (and stress) I suffered, but I felt appreciated for bothering to let them know about what was happening.  Apparently, I was caught up in some interesting and unusual chains of events.  Lucky me!

What rocked your world this week?


As I contemplate renewing my commitment to divacultura for another year, I feel excitement and affection.  Thank you for sharing some of your time with me. As a thank you gift - and so I can gain a better sense of who's out there - I'll be giving away a pair of my hand knitted socks to two very lucky readers, where ever you are in the world (ie two readers will receive a pair of socks each).  To be in the running, leave a comment on this post by Friday 17 August 2012, stating why you like reading divacultura. My favourite responses will receive the prize (my decision is final).  Why not take the opportunity to sign up and follow too! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Diva C. I read your blog now and then - I love your enthusiasm for the everyday and your sense of humour. Also, I see some qualities in your personality similar to those I most admire in my mum (optimism, interest in politics, common sense, sharp feminine wit). xx

  2. Wow, sounds like a busy one! Very excited for you about the yarn. That's a long way! The manifesto site sounds great too, will check it out. And I love that name - Whiffenpoofs!