Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Supermarket credo - a question for living

At the supermarket yesterday, I noticed a woman walking in front of me.  I noticed her because of what was written on the back of the hoodie she was wearing.  It said:

"If you could have what you need and live happily without causing harm to others, why wouldn't you?"

As I was reading it, she turned around.  I must have looked like I was staring at her.  She had something written on the front of her shirt.

I asked her to stop so I could read it.  I told her I'd read what was written on the back of her top and really liked it.

She gave me a wide, sincere smile, touched me on the arm and said, "thank you".

I've been thinking about her and her message all day.  Why wouldn't you, indeed?

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