Thursday, 14 February 2013


Today I was working in a room without windows.
Today I was working in a room with no air.
How can anyone perform at their best in this environment?
The sandwiches were nice.


One day I would like this to happen:
I would arrive at Flinders Street Station.
I would check the monitors to see which platform my train is leaving from.
I would go to that platform.
The train would leave from that platform.
If for any reason, something happened, or I had a question, there would be helpful and informed staff who would tell me about what was happening.  Happily.  Helpfully.

It didn't happen today.
This happened today:
I arrived at Flinders Street Station.
I checked the monitors to see which platform my train was leaving from.
I had just missed the Williamstown train, but the Laverton train was leaving in about six minutes from platform 10.
I went to platform 10.
Upon arrival at platform 10, there was no information on the platform monitor saying that the next train leaving on that platform was the Laverton train.  A disembodied voice announced that the Laverton train would be leaving from platform 8 or 9.
I sighed and proceeded to complete my daily exploration of platforms 8 - 12.
The sign said platform 8.
The train that arrived on platform 8 was a Frankston train.
The Williamstown train left from platform 9.
All of this happened within the space of about six minutes.
I saw staff on other platforms.

One day I would like it to be different.


Today, Yarra Trams responded to yesterday's blog post about dangerously overcrowded tram platforms in Melbourne city.
They responded on Twitter after I tweeted the post to them.  (@yarratrams).
They told me they've tried things to "regulate passenger flow", but it's a difficult spot.
I asked them what they're currently doing.
They asked me if they could refer the post to the "safety people" as they may find some of the suggestions".
I don't know what they're currently doing because they didn't answer my question and you can't tell by looking.


Today I received this email from Yarra Trams in response to the feedback I lodged on their website about the issue of overcrowding:

"Thank you for contacting Yarra Trams customer feedback team. 

Following a determination of the issue you have raised, the matter has been referred to the appropriate area for review. 

A detailed response will be provided to you upon completion of our investigations. 

Once again thank you for contacting Yarra Trams and allowing us the opportunity to respond to your feedback."

Today I pondered the second sentence of that email.


Today I received no response or acknowledgement of these issues from Robert Doyle, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne.


Today I thought about the teachers who were on strike in Victoria today.
Today I wondered why it's so hard for teachers to be respected and remunerated for their valuable work.
Today I thought about wonderful teachers I was fortunate to have during my schooling; teachers who changed my life in some way.


Today I shared a lovely, simple meal cooked by a dear friend.


Today was a great day, with all its imperfection.

How was your day, today?

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