Monday, 11 February 2013

Royal colours

After lamenting the result of my black-shoe-shopping trip, I was rather thrilled with today's outfit.  I decided to match the outfit to the shoes, rather than the other way around.

©divacultura 2013

©divacultura 2013
To round it out I had my orange handbag and a red resin ring.

What did you wear today?  What colours do you like to put together?


  1. Good work, Tanya! I read somewhere years ago to spend the money on the shoes because they are an investment, and then buy the clothes around the shoes - and spend less on the clothes.

    Now that I live in Noosa, however, I live in Havaianas, so I save a lot on footwear!

    1. Well I'm doing everything right except the bit about "spend less on the clothes". Although, having said that, two of my recent additions to the wardrobe were a dress that cost $5 and a skirt that cost $12. Neither of them would go with these shoes, but they would match my Havaianas!