Friday, 22 February 2013

My favourite things - this week

1.  My score on the happiness test!  84 out of 100 where 70 is the benchmark for happiness.  I have to say, I'm pretty happy about that!  It made me think about the fact that my life is not perfect - it never will be - yet I am content and making progress.  Why not try yourself?

2.  My first book group meeting of the year.  At the start of our thirteenth year, we met to discuss Hilary Mantel's Booker Prize winning "Bring up the Bodies".    It was generally favourably received.  I personally liked it much more than the first book, "Wolf Hall" and confessed to weeping during Anne Boleyn's execution, it was so beautifully and delicately written.

3.  Impro Melbourne's season opener of the Maestro format.  I went to the opening night last Sunday night and was so thoroughly entertained I nearly forgot how hot it was and that I was stuck to a vinyl seat.  The most thrilling part of improvisation in any art form is that the creation exists only in that moment, is never to be repeated and you have to be there to witness it.  Sunday nights at 7:30pm at The Space, Chapel Street, Prahran.

4. My wish came true on Wednesday afternoon.  A tiny glimmer of hope.  I don't expect this experience to be regularly repeated, but I wish it would be.

5. This photo.  I took it when walking across the pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River from Southgate to Flinders Street station.  It was about 7:30pm.

Sunset on the Yarra
©divacultura 2013


  1. I LOVE that photo!! That is truly one of my fave things this week! Beautifully captured, honey. Love it <3