Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Slideshow - my favourite photos this week

 After work on Friday, I took a walk along the Yarra River, the part that's called Birrarung Marr.  The Sustainable Living Festival was on.  The evening was gorgeous and I couldn't resist taking some photographs.

Firstly I noticed this bicycle built for seven:  one seat for the power source and six for other passengers.  I thought it was rather spectacular.  I couldn't take a photo from the front because he was travelling too fast!

Pedal powered public transport
©divacultura 2013

I love the textures of the water in this shot and the reflections on the smooth part.  Rowing looks like a great thing to do.
Rowers on the Yarra
©divacultura 2013
 I'm sure that the Yarra isn't really as blue as it looks in this photo.  This is taken looking towards Richmond.
©divacultura 2013

 I love the colours in this planted pot of chillies.  You can see the rowing shed across the other side of the river in the background.

©divacultura 2013
Back in the Yarraville neighbourhood, I noticed these leaves which look like lace.  I think something is diligently eating its way through them, but the result is pretty.

©divacultura 2013

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