Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday slideshow

My weekly post where I feature photos I've taken throughout the week.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen these.

I've also updated my "What I've made" page.  I made a lot of things for Christmas gifts and they had to be a surprise so I couldn't post them until after Christmas.  You might find some inspiration for next's never too early!

It was a warm summer night in Melbourne last night and Yarraville's pop up park was filled with people at 10pm.  It felt like the happy heart of the community.  I met a friend there before having dinner at my favourite pizza place, l'uccellino.  There were lots of families eating take away pizza at that time.

Yarraville pop up park
©divacultura 2013
 I took this photo standing in the middle of Berry Street (facing east), Yarraville at about 8pm one night.  The CBD is visible and the sky still has a pale pink tinge.

©divacultura 2013
 We had some gorgeous evening skies during the week.  I took this from the pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River, looking towards the MCG and a tram on the left.  I think this photo represents Melbourne well.

Iconic Melbourne
©divacultura 2013
 I've never been to the bar which is below the pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River, but it sounded like a fun place to be during the week.  You can see it in the lower left corner.  The buildings of the CBD are beautifully lit and I love the colours of their shadows on the river.

Over and under the Yarra
©divacultura 2013

I bought these gold shoes a couple of years ago and they are holding up really well.  With the filter I've used on this photo it almost looks like the shoes are glowing.

Golden slippers
©divacultura 2013

When I was in Bison during the week, I noticed this sign for the Capitol Theatre.  The texture replicates the ceiling of the Walter Burley-Griffin designed building.  It looks like the sign has been attacked by concrete cancer.  I hope it doesn't crumble completely.
Capitol Theatre
©divacultura 2013

Saving the best until last...on my way to the theatre on Friday evening, I noticed these white spheres floating on the Yarra.  I love the play of light on the water and the straight lines of the buildings juxtaposed against the balls.
Spheres on the Yarra
©divacultura 2013
What have you been photographing this week?

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