Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spotted around town today

On my journeys around the city today I came across the delightful crocheted window at Morris and Sons above Dymocks in Collins Street.

Looking in.
(c) divacultura 2012

See the bike?  At the back?  On the left?

On yer bike!
(c) divacultura 2012

Is that crocheted Basil Brush posing as a seat cover?

Crocheted window from the inside.
(c) divacultura 2012
I love this colourful fix of crocheted funkiness.  Why not wander up and have a happy, colour, infusion?

And on my way through the village, I noticed this sign on the window of a shop that has been empty for a little while:

Yarraville surprise...
(c) divacultura 2012

Can't wait to find out what it is!  Anyone know?

What have you seen today?


  1. Too funny, I've been meaning to head into Morris and Sons, it's been on my mind all day! They always have such gorgeous displays. Make sure you let us know what the surprise is, when you find out!

  2. Go on! It's gorgeous to just walk around and have a colour bath.
    I will let you know as soon as the surprise is experienced.

  3. Oh I think I need to move to your country! I would camp out in that shop and probably end up as part of the display, crocheting away!

  4. What a lovely addition that would be!