Thursday, 28 June 2012

Question time - who is The Get More Guy?

For the second in an occasional series where I interview other bloggers and interesting people in the world, I'd like to introduce you to the Get More Guy, also known as Warwick Merry.

I met Warwick sometime in the noughties when we were set up on a blind date.  That didn't work, but we've become great mates and also support each other professionally.  He was also one of the people who helped me get through a very difficult, sudden change in my life circumstances a few years ago.  He's one of those good people who are good to have in your life!

Warwick and I have also been known to MC together and he's encouraged me to try my hand at stand up comedy.  We'll see what happens there.

Warwick is a professional speaker, so rather than writing his responses to the questions, he's answered them by talking.  Here's what people who have heard him speak say about him: 

"Warwick is part Robin Williams and part Tony Robbins. You're high energy, results focused, action oriented, no holds barred tour de force keynote speaker, Expo Guru and MC. His audiences rave about him and the positive impact he has made on their workplace and their lives. They are astounded at his down to earth approach and how engaging he is." 

You can hear him speak by clicking this link.
Warwick Merry - The Get More Guy
(c) 2012

To help you along, here are the questions I posed:

1. Who is the Get More Guy?

2. Where do you get your inspiration for the Get More Goer?

3. What's your work routine?

4. What's your favourite word?*

5. If you could script your dying words, what would they be?

6. What gets your hanky in a twist?

7. What's your Get More ambition?

8. What blogs do you read? 

9. Finish this sentence, "If I wasn't speaking I'd be...."

Find out more about The Get More Guy, Warwick Merry over at and

*It's "fetid" not "fettered" - I checked.


  1. This is great! Thanks Tanya (and Warwick). If anyone wants to read the "Get More Goer" he mentioned, this is the link:

    1. Thanks for sharing that link too Rose. Thanks for taking the time to read (and listen!).