Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Photo a day June - FROM A LOW ANGLE

So many shots to choose from today!  Here's the final selection.
From a low angle
(c) divacultura 2012
With ten minutes until the next tram, I looked up!  I was at the tram stop at the Elizabeth Street end of the Bourke Street mall.  There was a lot to see.

I really like this shot because of the perspective.  I was standing right near the old GPO where the clock is.  Renovations are underway so there is scaffolding all around the building.  The Commonwealth Bank building is on the diagonally opposite corner.  It's a really tall building and I was surprised when I noticed it in the shot.  It almost looks like it's leaning in.

The wires are part of the tram system.  I like the extra texture they add to the shot.

I held the camera horizontally so I was shooting straight up.

I used a filter to add some more light to highlight the clock face - you can even see what time it is! - and to gain contrast with the clouds.

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