Sunday, 24 June 2012

Photo a day June - ON YOUR MIND

I've been experimenting today.  I became obsessed with adding a soft brown and pink scarf to my wardrobe.  On an impulse I bought some variegated yarn which met that criteria and tried a few different patterns to knit it into an interesting and wearable scarf.  I tried chevrons first, but it wasn't really pleasing.  Then I tried some multi-directional triangles which were fun and interesting, but didn't really work with the yarn.  After a few hours of knitting, I ripped both out and put the yarn away.  (As I write this, I've remember that I have a rather gorgeous chocolate and pink crushed velvet scarf already.  Must find it.)

So I returned to socks and pulled out some yarn whose colour is called Hoochie Mama.  On my mind today has been the journey of yarn from a skein to a cake to a finished product.  The socks aren't finished, but the cuff is and you get the idea...

(c) divacultura 2012

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