Friday, 22 June 2012

My favourite things...this week

1. The Voice.  I followed this show from the very beginning and enjoyed it immensely.  I was Team Keith from the beginning and thrilled to see musical buddy Darren Percival in the final four. The final show was a joyous celebration of music making and I loved the duets between each contestant and their coach.

2. Genius mix.  I've only recently acquired an ipod after getting the hang of itunes via my iphone.  I've been rediscovering my CD collection as I load it all onto itunes and therefore my ipod Classic.  While I've been doing this, I pressed the Genius button.  It's, well, genius!  A twenty-five song play list is created from my entire music collection which is in the mood of which ever song I first selected. Great fun!

3.Mandarins.  They are delicious at the moment and very portable.

4. My accountant.  She helped me set up a very handy spreadsheet last financial year which I have used to track my expenses and GST as I go.  Rather than dreading tax time, I'm feeling calm and confident that I know exactly what I've spent.  I also have a system for keeping and filing all my receipts.  It's fantastic!

5. Dumplings!  I visited the Dumpling House for lunch today and dined on some chive and prawn dumplings and shared a big bowl of chilli pork dumplings.  Delicious.  Do not wear a white shirt when you plan on eating dumplings.  They splash!

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