Friday, 29 June 2012

My favourite things...this week

I've been laid up with the flu this week.  I've been so ill that it's a major effort to get out of bed.  Once I'm out of bed, it's a major effort to get back there, so the couch has been a happy compromise.

1. Winter - at least when it's freezing cold outside, staying holed up inside doesn't seem so bad.  I love you winter.  

2. Quickflix.  I'm a recent convert to this handy DVD and (Blu ray) lending library and streaming service.  The perfect companion when you're trapped at home because of illness.  I kept company with Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas when I revisited "Interview with a Vampire" this week.  Robert Redford has just been delivered.

3. Ultrasonic diffuser.  If you're into aromatherapy in anyway at all, an ultrasonic diffuser is the way to get the best from your oils.  I've been using aniseed myrtle for its uplifting aroma and healing properties.  (At least I could smell it.)

4. Brandy.  I've succumbed to my mother's voice which urges to "get some brandy into you" or "get onto the brandy" at the first hint of illness.  I bought some of the good stuff yesterday.  Its ability to set my lips on fire as it robs me of breath, temporarily removes any sense of illness.

5. You tube! I can't remember how I stumbled on this clip, but that's the beauty of You Tube.  Here's a prison flashmob performing to Michael Jackson.  I'm always amazed that large numbers of people doing relatively simple moves is so effective.