Monday, 25 June 2012

Clash of priorities - which work needs to be done?

Working from home has its dangers and distractions.  Today I had actually planned to do housework.  I like to be able to do this during the week if I have time so I don't spend my weekend doing chores instead of socialising and relaxing.  Occasionally I move beyond planning and I actually do the housework.

After doing a couple of hours of my own administration, I was about to turn to the household administration when the phone rang.  I had to attend to the call.  I finished that and was about to try the washing up again when a call came through on Skype.  I had to attend to the call.  I've just finished that - about five hours later.

In between things, there were urgent work related emails to attend to. (I'll also reveal that I made my moves in a few games of Scrabble that I'm playing on facebook.)  I haven't even looked at Twitter today.

At 6:45pm I have now finished the business-related work and I still have a sink full of dishes.  But I am writing my blog post for the day.  The dishes can wait.

There was a time when my distraction would have worked the other way.  I would have struggled to sit at my desk and do my work as I would  be tempted by a sudden, overwhelming desire to clean the bath or organise the spice rack.  Thinking about this now, I find it unbelievable.

I am living in chaos at the moment, but I'm okay with that.  My business related work is up to date.  I'm not in a panic about the end of the financial year.  My bills are paid.  I know what I have to do.  I take it as a sign of maturity and confidence.  I'd rather my business is successful and cope with some disorganisation at home.  Also, I don't care what anyone thinks about that.

I hope I feel as calm about it tomorrow when I wake up.  Over the weekend, I had been feeling the need to reduce some of the chaos.  The moment it starts to feel like pressure, I know I need to deal with it.  I've also learnt that it's not possible to do everything.  One thing at a time.  Where to start?  Start with what's in front of you.

The only thing I'm annoyed about today is that I missed my walk.  The weather was rubbish this afternoon though, so I'll live with that.  I've accomplished a lot today.  It wasn't what I planned, but it was important.  And now it's done.

Are you easily distracted? What do you do to stay focussed and get your stuff done?

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