Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday in Darwin...bliss

It's far too hot and humid for the dry season in Darwin.  There were even clouds this morning.

After checking out of my hotel, I met some friends for breakfast at the Roma Bar and caught up on news.  Then I went to the art gallery to see the Telstra Awards (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards).  There was some gorgeous works and some that did nothing for me, but it did provoke thought about the lines between art and craft.  When does an everyday item cease to be what it is and become art?  The answer today was probably a) when it's made by an artist and/or b) when it's in an art gallery.

A quick market fix at Nightcliff resulted in a purchase of a dress from the $20 rack.  Mindil Beach markets yielded little in the way of interesting purchases (there's only so much batik and tie dye you can have in a Melbourne wardrobe), but I did stop to admire the view.

Mindil Beach, Darwin
© divacultura 2013
© divacultura 2013

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