Friday, 9 August 2013

My favourite things... this week

I was away in Sydney this week having a very busy time.  The days were long and time available to think and write was limited.  Prioritising sleep was critical.  So, sorry there were no posts this week.  It's a freezing, wet and windy Friday in Melbourne so coming back from lovely weather interstate was a bit of shock.

Here are my favourite things this week.

1. Time spent walking up and down the long driveway of the place I was visiting - to retrieve a forgotten item from the car, to meet a visitor, to make an appointment with a colleague - was to be relished.  I spotted this marvellous tree.

© divacultura 2013
 When I looked out the other way, this is the view I saw:

On the third trip up the driveway, I stopped and took in my surroundings.  I could forgive the long days and the lack of space to do my own work.  It was like a mini relaxation session.

2. As I was reading a notice advertising changes to train services over the weekend I noticed someone had failed to proofread:

© divacultura 2013
Last time I checked, Melbourne did not have a suburb called "Footscary".  There is one just down the road, along the train line, called "Footscray".  Footscray gets a bad rap.  Any wonder when the people running Melbourne's trains can't even get your name right.  When I tweeted this photo, many responders advised that the misprinted name was more apt.  #changefootscray2footscary

3. Sitting in my assigned seat aboard a Qantas flight yesterday afternoon, I was reading my book.  The flight was full and it seemed most people had 27 pieces of hand luggage.  (Why don't they enforce the limits?)  Suddenly I was hit directly on the top of my head.  A man was moving bags in the overhead locker and a very heavy one landed on me.  I cried out and then burst into tears, both from pain and shock.  It really, really hurt.  The man said nothing.  Didn't apologise.  Didn't check to see that I was okay.  
A fellow passenger who witnessed the incident asked if I was okay and asked me if I was bleeding (I wasn't).  He advised me to tell cabin crew and told me he would be a witness if required.  
Qantas cabin crew were amazing.  They brought me pain relief immediately and checked that I was okay to fly.  Throughout the flight most members of the crew checked on me to make sure I was okay.  I was most worried about my neck and I had a hell of a headache.  
You might be wondering why this is a "favourite  moment"?  Firstly the care I received from cabin crew was wonderful.  Secondly, so far, I seem to be okay.  I'm monitoring myself for any evidence of an impact injury.  I've also changed my seating preference from aisle to window.  (It's the second time a passenger's activities in the overhead lockers have resulted in something landing on my head!)

4.  It's great to be home!  (Even if it is cold and miserable!)

What were your favourite moments this week?

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