Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My first political poll

I was just polled!  It's the first time in this election campaign.  It was all automated too.  I just had to press buttons on my phone.

The first question was about whether I am eligible to vote in the seat of Melbourne.  I'm not.  I expected the survey would finish but it didn't.

I was asked about my voting intentions and how firm I am in relation to those intentions.

I was asked about how I voted last time.

Then I was asked what I thought of the job done by sitting Green member for the seat of Melbourne, Adam Bandt.  Clearly they missed that first bit where I said I wasn't eligible to vote in that seat.

Lastly they asked me how old I was and for my gender (press "two" for female...always second).

Curiously, I have a silent number at home which is where they rang me.  Wonder how they got the number?

Have you been polled?  Do you do the survey?


  1. They do not get the phone number from the white pages, where your number is silent.

    Rather they just find the local exchange, say 8354 and then call all the 9999 numbers that might exist at that exchange.

    The robopolls are being done by the Guardian Australia, they discuss the methodology at:



  2. Thanks James. Interesting to read the rationale. This is exactly what happened on the phone with me. I'm glad that I'm not considered to be old...they didn't ask for a younger member of the household. Have you been polled?