Tuesday, 16 April 2013

On my mind - from language to skinny jeans and Ricky Martin

Language is one of my favourite things in the world.   I love the sound of words.  I love the feel of words - mellifluous - how good does "mellifluous" feel in your mouth as you say it? I pay close attention to the words people choose and how they express themselves.  I pay close attention when I choose words and focus on clarity whether I'm speaking or writing.

"Mellifluous" is one of those words that feels and sounds like what it is.  It means "sweetly or smoothly flowing".  Yes!  I really love the way the word itself embodies its own meaning.

This is what I notice about language.

I'm thinking about this because I recently experienced examples of incongruence. I'm noticing it more and more when I'm facilitating and coaching others to achieve their goals.  Consider: "Um, I think I want to try and be more passionate?"  (The question mark is deliberate.)  This sentence was delivered with an apologetic facial expression and a shrug of the shoulders.

I hear the words and am struck by the lack of conviction, the lack of passion in that statement of intent.

I know that it's unclear whether thought follows action or action follows thought, but I'm a firm believer in starting today.  If your intention is to be passionate and convey that passion to other people, why not start right now?

Imagine the difference if the statement was "I want to share my passion for Icelandic needlecraft with the world!"; or "I'm passionate about introducing others to the delights of 14th century church music!"
(The exclamation mark at the end of these sentences is deliberate.)  I may not have the slightest interest in Icelandic needlecraft or 14th century church music but if you sound like it's exciting when you tell me about it it's likely your energy and enthusiasm will spark a curiosity in me.

These moments of linguistic incongruence leave me wondering; puzzled more than curious.


I discovered today that one of the ingredients listed on my favourite cheese is "cheese flavour".

It's a recent addition.

I am in search of a new favourite cheese.


"The Voice" is back on TV.

I love that show.  I am repeating last year's performance, spending most of the blind auditions in tears.  I'm not even on the show.

And I look at Ricky Martin and can't believe how handsome he is.  Really.  He is linguistically congruent.  I'm sure.  And mellifluous.

It's really hard to top up your myki when the lights are out at the station and it's after sunset.

I hope I topped up my myki and it's not a repeat episode of the time I tried to get into Flinders Street station by touching on with my Boost Juice loyalty card.  (They're a similar colour.  I was confused.)

Every time I have a shower, there is water on the floor at the other end of the bathroom that wasn't there before I had a shower.  I can not find its source.  I may be going crazy.

I ponder the conversation with the real estate agent as I explain the problem.


Skinny jeans must be so hard to wear if you need to do anything other than stand in the one spot.  Once you're in them how do you bend your legs even to walk?  More importantly, what colour are your legs when you take them off?


I've reached my monthly data allowance on my mobile phone.  Anxiety accompanies this knowledge.  I don't know what to do or how it happened.  Will my life ever be the same again?

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