Friday, 12 April 2013

My favourite things...this week

It's been a bit of a strange week.  Not a week that I've been in love with.  All the more reason to take the time to acknowledge the good bits.

1.  I had the best sleep of all time at the Novotel at Homebush in Sydney on Monday night.  I was exhausted, but that doesn't always guarantee a good sleep in a hotel.  That bed was heavenly.  The curtains didn't let in even a chink of light and I woke up in the morning wondering where the hell I was.

2.  Work on a difficult professional relationship culminated with a request for a hug.  Magic. Relief.

3.  I tried on a dress and discovered that I have dropped a dress size.  All thanks to quitting sugar!  It's both the hardest and the easiest thing to do.

4. I received a glowing probation report in relation to a project I've been leading.  I knew I had been doing good work but it's still great to see it in writing and have the conversation.

5.  I enrolled in Bob Sedergreen's jazz vocal course.  My Saturdays are free now so there's an opportunity, but I also want to tease out my inner jazz diva.  Stay tuned.

6. Going out to see comedy on a school night!  "Hot Box" on Wednesday and "Prick - the Musical" coming up on Sunday night.

7.  Hearing good news on the work front for a good friend of mine.  It's so good to share those moments with people who matter.

What was good for you this week?

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  1. Homebush is the suburb next door! You were walking distance from my place!

    Next time you are in Sydney let me know and maybe we can catch up briefly.