Thursday, 11 April 2013

Have you seen the Hot Box yet?

If you're in Melbourne and have a pulse, you need to see Karin Danger's show "Hot Box" which is playing as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.    I don't say this lightly.

Karin is an incredibly talented comic performer.  She's funny and intelligent and sings the hell out of the songs.  Did I mention that she also wrote them?

I loved her song about the morning after blues.  Not once does she actually talk about what happened the night before and with references to "an Argentinian passport torn up in my bin" one can only wonder.  It's hilarious and well delivered.  Look out for the cracker Brownlow joke early in the show too.

Apart from the jokes, Karin has something to say and she puts herself on the line to say it.  Whether you agree with her message or not, I think the idea of doing this is something to be encouraged.

The show made me happy.  I delighted in every aspect of the show.  It's great to see a young talented woman making art like this so I just really want lots of people to be happy too.

"Hot Box" is playing until 21 April at the gorgeously kitsch (and now city-based) Butterfly Club which is worth a visit too.

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