Thursday, 18 April 2013

Digitally unshackled and it feels good!

I recently received a message to tell me that I had recently exhausted my mobile data allocation for the month.  I needed to either purchase some more data or not use anything for the next four days or continue on as usual and receive an enormous bill from Vodafone.

I looked at spending a tiny amount of money to buy enough data to tide me over, but understanding the product was so complicated (worse than buying insurance or trying to understand superannuation) that I decided it was easier to switch off my mobile data for a few days.  (And by the way, when did buying data become a thing?)  I can still collect my email anytime I'm connected to the web.

It has been quite wonderful to be freed from email.  I run my business off my iphone and laptop, so being able to get email anywhere, anytime is pretty important, but I think I had forgotten what it feels like to be unshackled from my desk.  I think I have reached a point where I am at my desk even when I'm not at my desk.

It's amazing how quickly I have fallen out of the habit of email.  I don't want to look and don't really mind if I don't.  Not connecting to the internet makes me want to not connect to the internet.  It's very interesting.  Even sitting down to load up the blog site to write my daily post has taken on a different complexion.

My data allowance resets tomorrow, so it will be business as usual.  I think I'll turn off the mobile data on the weekends from now on.  It's been a refreshing experience.  Why not give it a go?  If you do - let me know?

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