Monday, 8 April 2013

Kid fix

Maybe you've noticed that I've been away from the blog.  I had a little break over Easter and it felt good to go offline for most of that time.  So I did.

I spent some quality time with nieces and a nephew: baking cup cakes filled with tiny Easter eggs with a seven year old girly-girl who is also a super organised perfectionist was great fun;  throwing a frisbee with a nine year old tom boy as she stood dangerously - and nonchalantly - close to the septic tank; hearing about my 10 year old nephew's sporting and academic achievements.

My brother and I were entertained in the evenings with shows produced by the children - a medley of fairytales brought erratically to life was entertaining, surprising and better than anything on television.

I marvelled at the technological facility displayed by the children as I received facetime requests from their ipods.  I laughed that they failed to understand the superfluous-ness...(superfluity? unnecessariness?) of communicating electronically when we were sitting in the same house.  A sign of the future perhaps.

I laughed my head off as I heard my brother issue this instruction: "No running on the couch!" Hilarious!

It was my first sugar-free Easter.  I did well, having removed sugar from my life months ago.  It's not even a question for me anymore.  I actually requested that the Easter Bunny not pay me a visit.  (This was a big relief to my younger niece who was concerned the Bunny would be confused by the fact that I was sleeping in her room.  She was deeply relieved when I advised her that if the Bunny delivered the eggs to me I would, in turn, pass them to her untouched.)  I had cream in my coffee as a special treat instead.

I left my brother's house equipped with a big tray of home made lasagne which lasted, miraculously, almost a week.

Arriving back in Melbourne and taking off again for Sydney, I pondered the purpose of muzak in car parks.  Why?

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