Sunday, 29 July 2012

When the rain falls horizontally.

My customary Sunday walk with camera in hand was somewhat truncated today by the crazy Melbourne weather.  The sun would be shining one minute and by the time I had my coat on and umbrella in hand, I would step outside only to be fighting horizontal rain.  I felt like I was in one of the battle scenes in Lord of the Rings except there was no castle and not an archer in sight.  And all I was trying to do was walk to the village.

Miraculously, I wore my sunglasses part of the way.  I wasn't being rock 'n' roll; they were necessary.

The friend I was meeting for Sunday afternoon conversation and a glass of red wine urged me to sit outside.  I acquiesced and before long we were moving inside because the archers with the rain arrows had started up again.  We found a great spot by the window looking out at the street and before long were moving again.  This time it was the DJ who required our prime spot to set up his gear.  He asked us if we minded moving and we said we did.  His response was to become snaky and walk off.  We moved to our final spot for the afternoon and enjoyed each other's company.

As we emerged, it was suddenly night time.  The rain was still around and I had a tricky walk home juggling a bag of groceries, my handbag and umbrella.  I made it!

Anyway, I did manage to take an interesting photo on the nature strip outside where I live.  There's the stump of a tree which was removed a few years ago and it has become a hub for new life.

It's a toadstool forest!
(c) divacultura 2012

Random tram window shot
(c) divacultura 2012

After lunch with a friend in Richmond on Saturday, I caught a tram back to the city.  I've always loved the Forum Theatre on Flinders Street, with its gargoyles and ornamentation (it's wonderful inside too).  This is a random snap I took from the window of the tram just to see what would happen.

As I contemplate renewing my commitment to divacultura for another year, I feel excitement and affection.  Thank you for sharing some of your time with me. As a thank you gift - and so I can gain a better sense of who's out there - I'll be giving away a pair of my hand knitted socks to two very lucky readers, where ever you are in the world (ie two readers will receive a pair of socks each).  To be in the running, leave a comment on this post by Friday 17 August 2012, stating why you like reading divacultura. My favourite responses will receive the prize (my decision is final).  Why not take the opportunity to sign up and follow too!

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