Sunday, 1 July 2012

Photo a day - June round up & July list

Photo a day June had some interesting themes.  For a variety of reasons, I didn't complete the full challenge, but am really pleased with some of the shots that I did take.

It seems that you liked them too.

FROM A LOW ANGLE  was the theme for 12 June and is now in the top 5 popular posts of all time on divacultura!  This shot is probably my favourite for the month.

MORNING, from 1 June was a good start to the month as I went on my way to the Emerging Writers' Festival Blogging Masterclass.

The other shot I really liked was from 17 June, with the theme IN YOUR BAG.  I had fun emptying my bag out to arrange the contents.  A lot of people told me that I am obviously a very organised person after they saw this photo.  That's not how the things are arranged when they're in the actual bag

The transience of chalk art on the footpath appealed to me as I caught a passer-by putting his stamp on it for ART on 13 June.


Already it's 1 July and there's a new challenge.  I've decided to take it up again.  Fat Mum Slim has compiled another inspiring list.  Why not join in?  You can also find my photos on Instagram.


  1. Hello divacultura, just dropping a line to let you know I LOVE your 'photo a day' theme. Admittedly I don't manage to see them every day, but when I do catch them, I like them. I like them because they are a perspective different to my own. I love noticing things. Seemingly unimportant things, but I've learnt to value pretty much everything I see. Sight is a gift that not everybody has. Us humans are good at taking things for granted but it pays to be appreciative of everything. The fact that I have good eyes, the freedom to go where I want to and to see things in this wonderful world. It is a truly beautiful world, despite the horrors that exist also, but it is still quite stunning. Looking out my window now the sun is filtering through the treetops onto the bracken undergrowth and it's shining with the wetness of the last shower. Stunning! Yep, I have a lot to be grateful for and appreciative of, as do we all.

  2. So glad you're enjoying my photos Cat Black. I didn't manage to stick with July, but should be back on deck for August. I think. And I agree with you, noticing things is great! Why not head on over to the post called Happy First Birthday - divacultura celebrates and leave a'll be in the running to win a pair of my handknitted socks!