Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The storm is passing over.

A storm is building.  We knew it was coming. The weather bureau, the state emergency service and police have been warning us for the last two days.  It was expected to hit Melbourne during the afternoon's peak travel time, but has not yet arrived.

The last couple of days have been sultry.  Not what we're used to in Melbourne, which usually has heat that is oven dry.  My hair has acquired a halo of frizz which reminds me of life in the tropics.  Fellow travellers on their way home had a sheen of sweat on their faces and a demeanour which was set to ensure they were touched by no other people.  The air had the feeling of being underwater in a heated swimming pool.  As the overcrowded tram pulled up at each stop, waiting passengers showed their frustration and dislike as they faced the prospect of armpits confined to the airless metal tube of the tram.

The wind has picked up and there's a cool breath blowing through.  The light outside the window is eerie.  Straight above my home the sky is blue with a few friendly white billows to one side.  Directly out my front window I can see the storm coming in.  Grey clouds are moving in front of a greenish backdrop and flashes of lightning show through.  There's no thunder yet, but that can't be far off.

At this time of a spring night people are usually out walking dogs, walking themselves, jogging, picking up provisions for the evening meal.  Tonight  my little patch of street is deserted.

The treetops are really moving now and the shrubs at ground level are also blowing about.  I've just caught the first smell of rain on the air.  Thunder is rumbling in the distance now and the light has changed to a brighter, whiter shade.

From my balcony I can see the cranes of the docklands.  They cut the sky in half.  On the left, there is blue sky and a few clouds.  On the right, the black sky and rain has obliterated the usual view of the city skyline.  I shudder with thanks that I am safely home and not travelling through the city on my way home.

The first drops of rain have splashed the windows.  No television tonight.  Instead I'll watch nature's program.

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