Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ombudsman report covers MYKI debacle

When I wrote this post I didn't know the Ombudsman was about to hand down a report on State Government IT projects, including MYKI.

The full report is available here.  Reading the case study about MYKI, I sit here and think it's no wonder they can't do simple stuff like handle a refund efficiently.  And I've discovered from reading on Twitter about other people's experiences it's a convoluted manual process that has to be endured if the credit card which is providing your automatic top up expires.  From what I can gather, this requires you to post your MYKI to them where they will "unlock" it.

I have no words to question the stupidity of this.  Unless I'm wrong and there is actually a tiny lock that only they have the tiny key for and the physically have to do something with the card.  I don't buy this.  It's a smart card!

Based on the contents of the Ombudsman's report, it seems incredible that MYKI is in place at all.

Recommendation 350 chills me a little:
"In my view, the TTA [Transport Ticketing Authority] focus in the short-term must be to ensure the
operational efficacy of myki as soon as possible and replace Metcard. I
can see no reason why the TTA cannot immediately commence planned
transition from Metcard to myki on a station by station, line by line basis.
This will minimise the significant costs associated with running parallel

They'd better fix the problems first!

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