Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fifteen minute sound bath.

Silence.  I tune into this silence.  

Right now I can hear the click of the keys on the computer as I type.  The fan of the laptop whirring.  There's a bird, a cheerful little chap chattering away.  The bang of a door in a nearby apartment.  A car door just shut.  A car drives by on the street outside and the engine of the fridge starts humming.  The fridge makes layers of sound - there's a clicking sound and then something that sounds like a frog in a drainpipe after rain.  A tap drips.  Once.  An aircraft flies in the distance - it sounds like a small one, perhaps a helicopter - it's flying closer now.  More birds have joined the conversation. The fridge has lulled.  It is a helicopter and it's hovering nearby. Coming closer now.  Another car door closes outside.  The fridge is playing a different tune now.  A hum which fills the space.  A car - the same car? - drives off.  The chair on which I'm sitting creaks as I change position.  My feet make a squelching sound as I move them on the lino of the kitchen floor.  The fridge stops just as bottles are tossed into the bins outside.  Nothing but the click of the computer keys and the whirr of the fan.  Another small plane approaches from behind me.  The fridge belches. I get up.  The chair scrapes on the floor, bare feet on lino and I hear the sigh of the seal on the fridge as I open the door.  Gas escapes as I open a bottle of mineral water and there's the happy sound of fizz and bubbles and the ascending scale of liquid being poured.  I can hear the spark of the carbonated bubbles popping, first in the glass and then in my head.  I hear myself swallow.  A car drives up the driveway.  Coming in, I think.  I've just become conscious of my breath.  I can hear it now and it makes me yawn.  A car drives on a street a little way away.  Distant laughter.  A dog barks and a child whines.  The lid of a garbage can clanks.  My nails click on the formica table top as I put my glass back down.  The bangle on my left wrist occasionally bangs against the table.  Someone else's telephone rings.  The mineral water makes me burp and my stomach gurgles.  The aircraft is on approach again and the fridge chimes in on queue, this time with a percussion section. A cheerful car horn announces someone's arrival, somewhere, to someone.  

There's a lot of noise in fifteen minutes of silence.

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