Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MYKI campaign: contact local members

I've just written to my local state members of parliament about the Myki debacle.

There was a letter in the Age newspaper yesterday, a man rang ABC radio today - on different issues, but all on the theme of the complexity and manual handling which has been designed into the system.

They can't change the system if they don't know!

Copy of my email here:

Dear [Local Member]

I am a committed public transport user. I have made the switch to Myki, which works fine as long as I don't have anything to do with the "back office" processes.

Last week, I received a refund cheque.  The refund was as a result of changing concession status.  I swapped my cards over at the Southern Cross Discovery Centre on 18 October and on 21 November I received the bank cheque.  The amount of the refund?  94 cents. The cost of buying a bank cheque from Westpac?  $10.

The process is wasteful and unnecessary.  I contacted the Public Transport Ombudsman in April this year when I was first subjected to this convoluted waste of everyone's time.  I was assured that the state government was looking at the process and that it would change in the "near future". They would not provide a more specific time frame.  It's now six months later and the process has not changed.  

I have written about this experience in more detail, including the response of the Ombudsman, on my blog - copied below.

What is the plan?  When will this waste and frustratingly long winded and old fashioned process be abandoned and procedures that are compatible with a SMARTCARD be implemented?  

I look forward to your response.

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