Monday, 6 May 2013

Your opportunity to support new music.

Remember the fabulous Rose Wintergreen?  She featured here almost a year ago.

One of the things I really admire about Rose is that she sets out to do things and then she does them!  Rose decided to make an album and so started to really focus on her songwriting.  When she had enough songs she booked in the studio and the producer and now she's recording in Alice Springs.

I wanted to let you know because Rose's new record is being crowd funded.  It was Rose's birthday yesterday and my gift is to spread the word about what she needs.  You can contribute to the birth of new music over here.

Rose has put a lot of thought into the rewards she can offer for your contribution.  It's a pretty amazing list - from copies of the finished product, to the gorgeous dress she's wearing in the promo shot to an intimate house concert or personal concert over Skype!  Wow.

You can also opt not to take a reward.  Maybe you could donate the price of your coffee today.

Happy Birthday Rose!  Can't wait to hear your music.

*Disclosure: Rose wrote a song about divacultura for last year's first birthday competition. (Lyrics are here.)  So I might be a bit biased.  Ok, I'll come clean - I'm a fan!

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