Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I changed someone's life today - how was your day?

After a long day and an early start tomorrow, I just want to share that I made a difference to someone's life this week.  Having made that difference, other lives will also change.  For the better.

In leadership conversation I often find myself reminding leaders what lens they use when they look at their people - do they view people with suspicion, expecting them to do a bad job, or do they expect they're all doing their best?

For people with a negative lens this can be very confronting.  It can turn the heat up for many people, which usually means some focussed argument back in my direction.  I know this and I choose to do it anyway.  Moments like today make it worthwhile.

One of the leaders with whom I'd been in conversation for two days told me that idea of expecting people to be doing their best was revolutionary and was going to change everything.  This leader had most things worked out but they described to me a sense that there was still something missing.  This new lens was the missing piece - their mindset was now aligned to their purpose of wanting to support and develop people.  With the wrong mindset, everyone was disappointed.

The leader was energised and excited as they described this revelation and life changing realisation. They touched me on the arm while we were talking and then apologised for touching me, acknowledging they were a "touchy-feely" person.  I said it was okay and asked if they'd like a hug. It was lovely.

Who have you influenced today?  Who has influenced you? How will you be different tomorrow?

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