Saturday, 18 May 2013

Impromptu spelling bee

Two small boys travelling with their mother on the number 8 tram were occupying their time by spelling words.  The boys were aged 7 and 5.  I know because I asked, having listened to the older one spell words like "precinct" and "exterminational device".

His younger brother was on three letter words and having good success with "bus", "boy", "cat" and "dog".

Both boys were dressed in striped zip up knitted cardigans and newsboy caps.

The older boy asked for a "really hard one, Mum".  As we neared Southbank Boulevard, I heard her say "boulevard".


"Yes.  Boulevard."

"B-U ?..."

"Not quite.  Try again.  Boulevard."

"B - A ?"


"B - I ?"

"You were nearly right with "B- U, but you need to put another letter before the U."

"B - U - L - E - V- A - R - D.  Boulevard!"

"Very good.  You were nearly right.  You just need to start off B - O - U - L - E - V - A - R - D.  Well done!"

"What is a "boulevard" anyway?"

"It's a fancy word for road."

"You mean I could have just said 'R - O - A - D'?"

Clearly a very efficient young man.  It was refreshing to see children engaging in the world and learning rather than travelling around with their eyes glued to an electronic device.  And for boys aged 7 and 5, i thought their spelling was fantastic.

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