Saturday, 10 September 2011

Window washer, the song

Following on from yesterday's post, here are the lyrics of one of the first songs I wrote.  The page of the note book has 16 March 2006 written at the top.  I was inspired to write it after a man came and washed my windows.  The windows were attached to my 11th floor office.

It's a slow, sultry blues.


Shock of my life - what's he doing there - 
Suspended by wire, high in the air?

Man at the window peering on in
Strong arms sweep widely - he sends me a grin. 
I smile at him, really wanting to speak.
He's swinging quite wildly - I'm feeling weak.

He's starting to go down,
He's making me squirm
He's strong and he's sexy
His tool belt is firm.

He visits me monthly
15 minutes a time
He washes my window
I think he's divine.

He's my flying Diet Coke ad
It's my great good luck
He's hot and he's handsome
And he loves to clean!
(c) Tanya Edlington 2006

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