Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blowing in the wind

It's been really windy here today.  I don't like wind.  It unsettles me.  Everything feels edgy, destabilised, as though disaster could strike at any moment.

Wind makes me think about my hair differently.  I have lots of hair.  Wind whips it up.  Makes it look even more unkempt.  The romance of "windswept hair" is lost on me.  Anyone remember the Bee Gees and their hair?

Those romance novels always highlight the concept of windswept hair as a desirable characteristic. The people who have it obviously never wore the following items:

1. lip gloss.  Long hair, lip gloss and high winds combine to make me look like I have a moustache or cat's whiskers.

High winds also make the following unmanageable:

1. a wrap-around skirt or dress.  In high winds these articles of clothing should be renamed "unwrap-around".  Fun for spectators, no fun for the wearer.  For added difficulty add high heels and fill the hands of the wearer with several things to carry.

2. contact lenses.  They just shrivel up and fall out costing a lot of money and leaving you blind.

Add the beach into the equation and you get the sand blasting effect, which some salons charge for under the banner of microdermabrasion (a cut and polish in common parlance).

Hoping for calm tomorrow. Wind makes me unsettled.  (The kind made by the external world, not by me!)

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