Thursday, 8 September 2011

View from the office

I'm working in Perth for a couple days. Interesting place to visit. I was last here before the mining boom and it now seems more entrepreneurial - like I imagine the gold rush towns would have been with everyone seeking to make their fortune. I will write about this place when I have some perspective and am not on my iPhone!

A few of you noticed my absence and checked to see that I was okay.  Well, okay, one person checked.  And the only message on my home answering machine when I got home was.....from the ambulance service reminding me to pay my subscription.  It's nice that they want to make sure I'm paid up if I need an ambulance.  Must do that tomorrow.  And also write.  For now, I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

In the meantime, here's the view from the room I was working in today. How can I be expected to work in such conditions?

And here's the Big Australian:

And just to prove I WAS here:

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