Friday, 16 September 2011

What I saw on the wall.

Having spent a reasonable amount of time in hotel rooms over the years I've been exposed to a lot of interior decoration choices. I'm very happy that we seem to have moved from the salmon pink and coral colour schemes that dominated the 1980's and 1990's.  Now we're in neutral land.  Everything is brown and beige and grey.

Against this neutral scheme the art on the walls is often the only thing that provides a splash of colour.

Consider this monstrous piece hanging on the wall of my otherwise tastefully decorated Adelaide hotel room.
I couldn't believe it.  Now I know that a can of spray paint can be a handy thing, but this looks like the Better Homes and Gardens crew rummaged in the bin, picked up a rock and went mad with their hot glue gun and threw the whole thing at the wall.

It disturbed me.  Give me a blank wall instead.  Or even the picture of horses galloping on the beach/through autumn leaves/down a mountainside which accompanied the salmon pink and coral phase.

Taste is an illusive thing to define.  Can anyone explain this picture to me?

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