Thursday, 15 September 2011

Laughed and laughed and laughed and then I cried.

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning.  One of the things about freelance work is that there is no routine - it's one of the things I like most and least about it.  I had to be in Healesville at 8:15 for a corporate acting job.  I'd done the trip once before and knew that once I was on the road with one of my lovely fellow actors, I'd forget about the early start to the day.

My companion was due to be at my place at 6:30am.  He was leaving his car and it was my turn to drive.  It always takes me a little bit to warm up in the mornings and it can take me a long time to get ready; what would take 15 minutes during daylight can take 45 minutes at this time of day. My main mission was to at least be dressed by the time he arrived.  I succeeded and we set off on our journey.

Every time I have to wake up before dawn, once I'm actually awake and out in the world, I love that time of day.  Even in the city, there's not much movement - a jogger, a couple of people out with their dogs, fewer than usual cars on the road. It may take me longer to get ready, but I can go everywhere faster!  The air has a different quality and the light is particular.

Spending time with someone in a car is a great way to get to know them.  The close quarters seem to create a kind of intimacy.  We become hypnotised by the dotted white line and we start to talk about anything.  This morning, on the journey out there, we turned silly.  And rude.  Our silliness was only boosted by the gorgeous sight of mist, tinged with pink from the sunrise, sitting in the valley.  We went wild with joy.

We arrived fifteen minutes earlier than required and put our serious faces on.  This was Big Corporate and the stakes were high.  The other two actors were there and we got down to some serious turbo-prep.

Putting four actors in a room at that time of morning when our creative brains are in control because our rational ones haven't fully awoken is a recipe for mischief.  Suddenly we were in a full blown laughing fit.  There was no going back - we had to go through.  I don't even remember what triggered us off but it felt marvellous!  Laughter in full flight.  Faces red.  Heads on desks.  Tears flowing.  Breathing, forgotten.  Thighs slapped.  Breathing found - snort! Everyone started up again.

There is nothing like the feeling of shared laughter which is completely out of control.  We are actually out of control because the laughter has taken over and is in control of every cell in our bodies.  Eye contact made triggers another wave and you can see the endorphins bouncing around the room.

Then we stopped.  We regained ourselves. A little snigger would seep out...and off we'd go again.  This thing had a life of its own.

Later, I received some sad news.  While I was talking to on the phone to my dear friend who was delivering it, we found the space to laugh, heartily, forgetting death for a moment and affirming life.

Laughter is good any time, but it's a beautiful thing to share!

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