Thursday, 6 June 2013

Where I have been OR What d'you mean it's Thursday?

Contemplation is not always conducive to production.  This is what I have learned in the week since my last post.  I knew that I had been absent, but received a jolt today when a regular reader and friend complained of suffering from withdrawal - "it's been a week since you blogged!" he wrote.  , perh
I'm no less inspired, no less driven to write and still a keen observer of the world.  I am also working most days in a week and they are long and interesting days.  I've joined a new vocal group. I'm taking a jazz vocal class.  I've been going out more in the evenings. I'm in the Global Corporate Challenge.  I've discovered the joy of NOT turning on my computer when I arrive home in the evening, even if it's before 7pm.  My days are starting very early and this necessarily means I can't indulge my natural inclination to be a night owl.

When I started blogging almost two years ago, one of the motivators was the fact that my business was new and I could go for days at a time without working.  While I was short of money, I realised that time was a gift that I hadn't had for a long while.  I decided to use it in a meaningful and constructive way, rather than frittering it away.  It was also part of my personal mental health strategy to stay engaged and purposeful in the world.  My commitment to daily blogging was born.

It didn't take long for my daily writing commitment to turn into a habit, perhaps even a compulsion, and for me to feel my writing fitness improve as I flexed my writing muscles each day.  It's been relatively easy to sustain.  Until recently.  The increase in my (paid) workload has really had an impact.  The balance has changed.  I still love to write and I want to keep divacultura going.  I love hearing from readers and sharing perspectives either here or on facebook.  Over the last week I reached a conclusion, rather than committing to write daily and not fulfilling the promise, I am renewing my vows.

My new commitment is to post (at least) five times a week.

As with all plans I'll be monitoring and am keen to receive feedback. Giving myself a break in this way may even increase my capacity again.  Funny how that can work.

On the subject of the Global Corporate Challenge, I can tell you that after 14 days my daily step average is sitting at 10,100 steps per day and has slipped just below the team average for the first time today.  Reaching my daily 10,000 step target on days when I'm at the desk can be challenging.  To meet this, I'm now walking between Flinders Street and the office instead of taking a tram for six stops.

As I walked to the station this afternoon, here are some of the things I noticed.  I might have missed them if I caught the tram.

Afternoon sunlight on the city.
© divacultura 2013

This amazing sculpture was on the SES/fire building.
I can't believe I haven't seen it before!
It looks like fire.
©divacultura 2013

Walking up Southbank Boulevard was more like wading as I tackled this pile of fallen leaves.
© divacultura 2013
What do you need to review? What did you notice today?

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