Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday slideshow

I haven't shared my photographs for a while.  It's interesting to observe the change in seasons - the different light, colours and mood of the city.

Inside the foyer of the National Gallery of Victory is an extraordinary object - a taxidermied deer covered in glass bubbles.
It's quite compelling to look at.  Everything looks different from different angles; some of the bubbles magnify what's beneath.
© divacultura 2013

Late afternoon at the pool outside the NGV, looking towards the Melbourne Theatre Company theatres.
© divacultura

That's the Eureka Tower peering over the smaller buildings.
Taken from the corner of Sturt Street and Southbank Boulevard through the tram wires.
© divacultura 2013

While listening to a speech at BMW Edge in Federation Square, I noticed the Arts Centre spire.
© divacultura 2013

Inside the old GPO Building.  There's a clothes shop where my old post office box used to be.
© divacultura 2013

Here's the entrance to the Regal Theatre's ballroom.  I love the tiles and the gates together.
© divacultura 2013

One of my favourite corners in Melbourne - Collins and Swanston Streets.
© divacultura 2013

The new NAB buliding at Docklands, just near Southern Cross Station.
I like the reflections of the building opposite on Spencer Street.
© divacultura 2013

The Helix Tree is a piece of voice activated sculpture which is currently in Federation Square.
At 5:30pm, every night in June, an a capella choir sings "up the tree" to bring it to light.
It's part of the Light in Winter Festival.  This choir is Soulsong.
I'll be there with my group, Tongue and Groove, soon.
© divacultura 2013

Singing up the Helix Tree.
© divacultura 2013

The upper branches of the Helix Tree.
© divacultura 2013

Walking across the bridge to Flinders Street Station in the gloom.
© divacultura 2013

The Yarra River from the Princess Bridge at about 5:30pm last week.
The warm colours from lights at Flinders Street Station look so inviting.
© divacultura 2013

How has the changing season affected what you see?  How does your home look in the different light?

All photos taken on my iphone 4s and finished using instragram.

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