Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday slideshow - Adelaide and Melbourne

I've been travelling lots lately and am looking forward to spending a couple of weeks at home.  My bathroom is looking like a Chinese laundry and I still have a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom and no overhead light.  It's all the little things that fall by the wayside when I'm on the road (in the air really) a lot.

At the end of a long and busy work day, I love to take the opportunity to walk around and observe the different rhythms, personalities and moods of whatever city I'm in.  Yesterday Melbourne took on a different vibe as rugby union fans swarmed through the streets.  It seemed there were more Lions supporters in their red jerseys - or lion costumes! - than Wallabies supporters, but the mood was more subdued today after the Wallabies' one point win.

Here are some shots from Adelaide.

View from the tenth floor from my hotel room.
That's the Adelaide Oval you can see in the distance and the  Convention Centre in the centre.
© divacultura 2013

One of my favourite shots ever, I wandered down a laneway near my hotel and saw this magnificent artwork on the side of an otherwise nondescript building.  The filter I've used has brought out all the vertical dirty streaks which adds to the noir mood.  With the garish lights of the pizza shop, this could be a scene out of "Pulp Fiction".
Art noir - Adelaide.
© divacultura 2013
 Adelaide can be quite off-beat if you know where to look.  I discovered a well-organised and comprehensive second hand book store and loved the thinking behind this book category sign:
© divacultura 2013
 There are so many angles and opportunities for visual wonder at Federation Square.  Here's what captured my eye yesterday when I wandered around the book fair.  The juxtaposition of the hard edges of Federation Square's atrium and the highly decorated curves of the Forum Theatre across Flinders Street is rather marvellous.
Architectural juxtaposition
© divacultura 2013

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