Monday, 24 June 2013

Off the needles.

I've been very productive of late and made some things other than socks!  See anything you like?

"Displaced" hat
© divacultura 2013
 I made this hat with myself in mind.  I was attracted to it because of its unusual asymmetrical construction.  It was interesting to make but it didn't suit me, so I gave it to a friend for her birthday.  It really suits her!
Socks #9 for the year.
©divacultura 2013
 These socks are made in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn and the colour is called Bittersweet.  I gave these to my 84 year old friend Sonia.
Bathmat prototype
© divacultura
My grandmother used to crochet bathmats out of cotton yarn.  When I saw the Zpagetti yarn made from t-shirt off cuts at my local craft store I thought it would be perfect for a bathmat/floor rug.  I was right!  I adapted this by looking at one of the mats made by my grandmother and counting.  It's very thick and nice underfoot.  I used a 12mm crochet hook.
Mimku shawl/scarf
© divacultura 2013
 I was wearing my Mimku shawl when a friend said she wanted one just like it.  I offered her mine and then she commissioned her one of her own.  It's a big garter stitch triangle made using Noro Kureyon on 12mm knitting needles.
© divacultura 2013
This hat is called Lucy and is a classic cloche with an asymmetrical brim and contrasting band.  I'm pleased that I've finally invested in a "head" to block and model my hats.  This hat really suits me and I can't wait to wear it.  Just waiting for it to dry out after blocking.  I think I'll call my model Lucy after the hat.
Basketweave scarf
© divacultura 2013
This scarf is knitted in basketweave stitch using Schoppelwolle Zauberball which is a sock yarn.  The combination of colour and texture is a match made in heaven.  It seemed to take forever to finish the whole ball of yarn, but I'm really glad I kept going.  The finished scarf is 170cm long which leaves plenty of scope for wrapping.

Socks #8 for the year.
© divacultura 2013
 These socks are made from the Australian Skein yarn called Top Draw Socks.  The colour is called Dolce.  They are soooo soft to wear.
Gaptastic cowl
© divacultura 2013
This cowl is made in superbulky yarn in moss stitch.  Very warm, but also very heavy.  I like the idea of this more than the reality of it.


  1. Zauberball is lovely sock wool. So soft. I'm a fan. I like the grey socks. And the shawl. I must give one a go sometime.

    I just mostly knit socks.... the same pattern every time because I know it almost off by heart and it works.

    You are incredibly productive.

  2. Hello, I saw a shawl very much like this. It looked simple to make... increasing each end I think, but how many stitches do you cast on? Roberta:-)

    1. Hi Roberta. Thanks for stopping by. Start with three stitches and then increase one stitch at each end of the row. This shawl switches to smaller needles at the end and then knit three rows with no increases before casting off.
      Let me know how you go.